TWO Self-Cooling Cushion

TWO Self-Cooling Cushion
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  • Item #: Bun-C-101-8B
  • Manufacturer: JB Enterprises
Place, sit or rest the cushion on any body part, which needs to cool down, to reduce heat and add comfort. When cushion is not in use place cooling cushions out of direct sunlight, keep cushion in a cool place below 77 F. (place cushion under the car seat or on the floor board) out of direct sunlight, to regenerate the crystals. Cushion should be placed in dry place during the winter. Easy to clean cooling cushion with soap and water. Natural Mineral Crystals in the Self-Cooling Cushion gradually melt as the cushion absorbs your body heat. Which will provide you, a refreshingly, slow soothing cooling sensation. (Not a shocking cold that refrigerated items give you). Cools up to 8 hours per use everyday. Automatically Self Regenerates (without Refrigeration) over-night, ready for next day usage. Removable cover for easy cleaning. Non-toxic and Environmentally safe. Keep cushion out of direct sunlight and sharp objects. Do not pay to cool your house when all you need is to stay cool. End of Season Sale Sold Out (Bundle of two cushions save an extra 10 dollars) Sorry Sold Out Due to High Demand
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